Today is a sad day. Gotta hang up the jersey until next season… :( gonna cry myself to sleep now… (at Orchard Apartments)

Way too cold to be out here taking pictures. I’ll post on Facebook soon. (at Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve)

Cheeseburger inspired meatballs. Funniest name competition….and……GO! (at The Hardin Homestead)

Guess what kind of cheese that is….

#feelgoodnachos (at The Hardin Homestead)

New Years Kiss 2014 :) go me!


Somewhere in this pile of goodies is happiness. I’m bound to find it eventually. Let the search begin. #DGAF (at The Hardin Homestead)


screw it. Quitting is for quitters. This is why I don’t change my life for other people… #DGAF (at The Hardin Homestead)

There it is folks. My last cigarette. #livinghealthier

Computer overheating? No problem! #redneckfixes

Burger night at my place :) (at Orchard Apartments)